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Terms of Use

Due to ongoing technical innovations and changes in the relevant legal framework, we need to make changes and/or corrections to the following Terms of Use from time to time. Therefore, we kindly ask you to review these Terms of Use and take into account any changes and/or corrections to the account prior to each visit to this website.


This website gives you 5N1K ORGANİZASYON LTD. STI. Maltepe Mah. G.M.K. Find. No: 67/6 Çankaya/ANKARA – Turkey. The information on Çanakkale Pazarı (hereinafter collectively or separately as “Çanakkale Pazarı”) on this website, its subsidiaries and third parties has been gathered with care and attention. However, we cannot guarantee that this information is complete and accurate. Çanakkale Pazarı does not assume any liability for errors that may occur in the content of this website. Forward-looking statements on this website are given as we know and believe to the best. However, the results to be realized by the Çanakkale Market may differ significantly from these forward-looking statements, depending on the factors to be created by the macroeconomic and competitive conditions developing outside the control of the Çanakkale Market. Without prejudice to the rights of any legal obligation regarding the change of forward-looking statements, Çanakkale Pazarı has no intention of continuously updating the forward-looking statements published on this website.

By visiting this website, you accept these Terms of Use, which you can read or print whenever you want, without any restriction or objection.

General Terms of Use of the Website

1. Copyright Law

The pages (content, arrangement) of our site are protected by copyright. In particular, any copying, adaptation, translation, archiving and processing in other media is covered by copyright protection, including electronic storage and processing. The operation of all or part of it first requires the written consent of Çanakkale Pazarı. The use, exploitation or dissemination of information or data, especially texts or some of them, or photographs, design and design materials (excluding press photos of Çanakkale Pazarı) require the written consent of Çanakkale Pazarı first. It belongs to.

Press photos of Çanakkale Pazarı can only be taken to be used in articles. Copyright on the press photos of Çanakkale Pazari that have been copied and/or electronically modified for use in articles should be written as "© [Year] Çanakkale Pazarı All rights reserved". Reprinting is free of charge, but a copy is requested for our files.

© 2021 5N1K ORGANIZATION LTD. STI. ANKARA All rights reserved

2. Brands

The Oval logo of Çanakkale Market, which you will find on these pages, and all product names and/or product presentations belong to 5N1K ORGANİZASYON LTD. ŞTİ. is registered with its subsidiaries, affiliates or licensor brands. Unauthorized use or abuse of these marks is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of trademark law, copyright law, and other intellectual property or unfair competition law.

3. Failure to take responsibility for Third Party Websites

a. This website contains hyperlinks to other websites operated by third parties and whose contents are not known by Çanakkale Pazarı. Çanakkale Pazarı only provides access to these sites and does not accept any responsibility for their content. The availability of links to third party websites is solely for your convenience. Statements on the linked sites are not made by us. We expressly have no affiliation with any of the content on any third party pages linked from our website. In particular, we do not accept any responsibility for the violation or violation of the legal provisions in force on these pages by third parties.

b. The owners of these websites are entirely responsible for the content of the pages on the websites that are linked by hyperlink from the website of Çanakkale Pazarı, the products sold on these pages and the delivery of the orders to be placed here.

c. It does not accept any responsibility for the violation or distortion of trademarks law, copyright law and other intellectual property rights or personal rights on sites linked from Çanakkale Pazarı website by hyperlink.

D. If there is an order or official declaration regarding the transaction, a contract is made between the user and the owner of the relevant website or the party submitting the offer or its representative, but under no circumstances can this be declared within the province of Çanakkale Pazarı.