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Delivery Information

How Much Is Your Shipping Fee?

For orders placed on our site, the shipping fee is calculated according to weight, and when you choose the option to pay at the door, a collection fee of 10 TL is charged. This amount is reflected on your invoice at the time of order.

When will my order be given to cargo ?

After your order is "APPROVED" to the system, it will be delivered to the cargo within 1 business day at the earliest and 6 business days at the latest. Sundays and public holidays are excluded.

The Order I Made With Payment At The Door It Appears To Be Canceled, What Should I Do?

In case of shopping with payment at the door, you need to enter your contact information in the form of name, surname, phone number, full address (neighborhood, street, street, door no, apartment no, city, district if any, company name). Orders with missing/wrong contact information will be cancelled. Products are not delivered to customers with incomplete information. You can create an order again by updating all your contact information.

 What Hours Will My Order Be Delivered?

Your order is sent by Aras Cargo to the delivery address you have specified during the working hours of 08:30-17:30. There is no cargo delivery on weekends, these hours are valid for deliveries made on weekdays.

Will I Pay a Fee for Return Shipping?

If there is a problem in your order due to cargo or us, you can send the product to us from Cargo without paying the cargo fee. From the day you receive the product, you can inform us on our landline number 0 312 430 70 00 within 3 working days and send the product with Aras cargo within 14 working days by paying a shipping fee of 15 TL. If you want to return your cargo in an arbitrary way even though there is no problem, you can send it to Aras cargo with its invoice, at your own expense.

How can I change the delivery address of my order?

Once your order has been invoiced and shipped, we cannot make any changes to your address. You can change your new address by calling Cargo and informing them after you receive your tracking code as an SMS from Cargo to your mobile phone.

What Happens If They Can't Find Me At The Cargo Delivery Address?

The cargo company delivers your order to the address you specified. If you are not at your address, he or she leaves a note that you can pick up your package from the nearest branch. If you do not receive your package from the branch within three days, your order will be returned to us and there is a 20 TL return shipping fee for the returned cargo (10 TL to the customer, 10 TL back to us).

Why do you send the invoice on the package?

It is legally obligatory to send the invoice of your order on the package and to write your name and surname.

Do you have overseas delivery?

Currently, we only have deliveries within the borders of Turkey.

All products purchased through are delivered to Aras Cargo after 1 business day at the latest. delivers all the products it sells to its customers by Cargo. Orders sent by courier are delivered to the recipient in 1-6 working days depending on the distance. Otherwise; weather opposition, problems caused by the cargo company, etc. There may be a delay in product delivery due to reasons.

Deformation etc. on the product during or during delivery. In case of problems, you can get help from [email protected] e-mail address.